Many business owners struggle to find the time to write content for their businesses.  GPT-3, the latest artificial intelligence technology from OpenAI, is revolutionising the way businesses create content for their websites and online stores. With GPT-3, businesses are able to generate content with unprecedented ease, accuracy and speed.

GPT-3’s capabilities go beyond simple content generation. It can also be used to help optimize content for SEO. For example, GPT-3 can analyze existing content and suggest improvements to increase its visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). GPT-3 can also generate new content that is optimized for SEO, such as titles, meta descriptions, and product descriptions.

Using GPT-3 for SEO purposes has many benefits. For one, it can save businesses time and money. With GPT-3, businesses can generate content quickly, without having to hire expensive writers or editors. GPT-3 can also generate content that is optimized for SEO, meaning businesses can get their content to rank higher in SERPs. and are useful GPT-3 tools for both generating content and optimizing SEO. Alternatively, if you have a Mac, you can download Raycast and install a free Open AI prompt on your desktop (you’ll also need an Open API key – just sign-up for a free Open AI account).

Now you no longer have an excuse not to produce content 3 -5 times per week. GPT3 tools improve the efficiency of your content writing efforts to such an extent that even a single employee business can fit this task into their working week.



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