A picture speaks a thousand words, but when you add in a voice and great music, the effect is transformational. Adobe Voice is an app that allows you to tell your own animated stories with great templates, icons, music, images – and not least, your own voice.

Start-ups and small companies can use it to create an attractive video featuring their business – and the best thing is this app is free! Short intros to your company’s mission, product & services can all be achieved quickly and professionally.

The only limitation is your imagination, and perhaps – access to a your logo on a transparent background, some nice stock images – and a friend (or yourself) with a great voice for narration.

The interface is crisp, clean & intuitive. We have been testing it at home for the last 3 weeks. A five year old can quickly create short stories, which are imaginative and fun. It’s so easy to use and you can share you video on Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.

Adobe Voice is available for the Ipad from the App Store – you can find out more about it at www.getvoice.adobe.com. Try it -you will be surprised at the professionalism of the results!

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