Written by tech entrepreneur, futurist and GE Alumnus – David Dawkins, “The Emergence of the Quantum Age” is a deep dive into the dawn of a new epoch in human consciousness and society, intertwined with the principles of quantum physics. The book explores the relationship between quantum mechanics and human consciousness, proposing revolutionary insights into the nature of reality, free will, and our societal structures.

The book challenges classical physics, suggesting a more interconnected, uncertain universe, and explores its implications for human cognition, ethics, and societal organization. Several interrelated theoretical concepts including quantum physics, sociology, economics, & psychology are analysed to form a multidimensional description of the emergence of a new epoch in human history: The Quantum Age.

It’s a thought-provoking journey through the complexities of human experience and quantum mechanics reshaping our understanding of ourselves and our future societal models.

Target Audience:

It is intended to stimulate debate in the fields of business, economics, psychology, sociology and neuroscience. It seeks to influence thinkers interested in the future of human societal organization. Ultimately, it aims to inspire interdisciplinary dialogue and contribute to the development of individual and societal balance as we evolve to new global models for living


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