A cursory search and you will find a huge amount written about how content marketing and how it’s going to turbo charge the growth of your business. Marketers have now for the most part bought in, but often face the challenge of who should be responsible for writing their content?

The simple answer is that in addition to having the requisite writing skills, the author should be credible and know what they are talking about. Sheer often produce websites for clients without knowing an awful lot about their products or services or thought leadership in their industry.

We overcome this hurdle by working with subject matter experts within the Client’s organisation or from outside. With regard to the latter, there seems to be a huge range of organisations claiming to be all things to all people. The truth is that no content/ PR/ social agency can possibly have all the requisite knowledge in-house.

So how do they go about meeting your needs as a client? In most cases, they outsource to relevant talent, add their mark-up, fees and throw in some magic fairy dust for good measure. So the next time you’re looking for a suitable content writer, check if the agency already has someone has a subject matter expert on its team.

If not, then wouldn’t a freelancer be a shrewd decision? After all, most start-ups, small and medium sized businesses don’t have telephone number sized budgets – so why work with costly agencies, which need this level of investment to survive?

Get in touch with Sheer with your web development project and experience big agency service at freelancer rates. If we can’t generate your content, then we will use our extensive network to find suitable partners who can. You can work with them directly and we’ll even help you manage the process.

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