Picture the scene: you turn up to a job interview – you arrive on time (check),  you smile and greet the interviewer (check),  you look down at your feet and realise you’ve forgotten to put your trousers on – oops!, major faux pas – right? It’s been nearly 14 months since Google updated its search algorithm to favour mobile friendly sites, yet still there are stalwart laggards who believe that it’s perfectly acceptable for the above scenario to happen every day!

Mobile is not going away

Let’s face it, with over 50% of internet traffic originating on mobiles, if a prospective client or customer’s first impression of your company is a poor experience with your website – then wouldn’t they question if the rest of your company is up to scratch? Surely this must be damaging to growth?

The usual excuse we hear is – “we don’t get a lot a business from our website”. This is nonsense. If you probe further you will usually find that sales representatives and others involved in business development will often refer prospects to the website as a means to establish credibility and trust.

Often there is a delay between initial contact and meeting a prospect – this is where the website fills in. So even if you are not generating a lot of traffic, there will be commercially important visitors. One should never consider the company website as anything less than the company’s digital fascia.

Be mobile friendly – first impressions count!

A mobile friendly website ensures that every single visitor receives the best first impression of your company – regardless of the device they are accessing it on. If designed properly it will re-enforce the conversations you are having with clients. At worst, it will have a neutral effect. Not investing in a mobile friendly website is like letting the office building to fall into disrepair or having unhelpful and unfriendly employees. Ignoring these will surely damage your business’s reputation and performance over the long term.

Above all, it shows a lack of interest in the needs of your customers, which as everyone knows – is never a good thing!

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