We have been donating each month to Share the meal, a fantastic app which enables you to contribute to the UN goal of ending global hunger. Well thought through and super easy to use, the app provides updates on where your money is spent – even sharing the details of the food that is bought and the families who receive the food.

Even with a small monthly donation you can make a difference in peoples lives. It is particularly satisfying to know that as you “break bread” others can join you making things just that little bit more bearable for them.

We urge all contacts, clients and friends of Sheer and anyone who’s an all round “good egg” to give as much as you can to this program which aims to end the dire circumstances of hunger in a world that is becoming increasingly inequitable.

Make someone’s life better today – install the app and donate:

Apple Users

Android Users

Peace, love and unity – from all of us at Sheer!


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