In recent years, the digital presentation landscape has evolved, blending the realms of web content and slide-based storytelling. The advent of innovative platforms like Gamma, Pitch, and PowerPoint’s AI augmentation are leading this change, offering a blend of traditional presentation crafting with modern, web-based interactivity. This article embarks on a journey through these platforms, exploring their features, recent advancements in artificial intelligence, and how they compare with each other in the broader scope of digital content creation.

Gamma: The New Kid on the Block

Gamma is an emerging online application that employs AI to streamline the creation and enhancement of PowerPoint presentations. It harnesses AI-powered design tools to transform raw notes into visually engaging, interactive content with minimal effort. Gamma provides a range of features including one-click templates, no-code editing, and intuitive AI editing options to craft beautiful, on-brand slides and presentations​1​​2​​3​. With capabilities to generate presentations, documents, or webpages, Gamma is a flexible tool for anyone looking to create professional-looking content effortlessly​4​.

Gamma’s AI Ingenuity

With a simple prompt, users can leverage Gamma’s AI to edit and refine their content. This feature simplifies the editing process, making it a user-friendly platform for individuals without a design background​2​. The idea is to break down complex ideas into bite-sized, interactive combos of words, visuals, videos, and embeds to enhance comprehension and retention​5​.

Pitch: A Modern Take on Presentations, with its smart editing features and collaborative capabilities, is designed for creating winning decks swiftly. It offers a platform for designers and creators to share and monetize their presentation templates. With recent funding, Pitch is working towards building an ecosystem around presentation creation and sharing​6​​7​​8​.

PowerPoint: The Veteran Evolves

Microsoft’s PowerPoint has been a staple in the presentation arena for decades. The recent introduction of AI through the ‘Copilot’ feature signifies a leap towards modernization. PowerPoint’s AI can now intelligently place headers and text on slides, recommend images based on the document content, and even provide real-time feedback on presentations with its Presenter Coach feature​9​​10​​11​.

Microsoft’s Co-Pilot: A Digital Companion

Microsoft’s Co-Pilot transcends the bounds of PowerPoint, aiming to be a digital companion across various Microsoft 365 applications. It leverages large language models and the user’s data to enhance productivity across the board, signifying Microsoft’s ambition in integrating AI across its suite of products​12​​13​​14​​15​.

Hybridization of Web and Presentations: A New Horizon

The blending of web content and presentations is becoming more apparent with platforms like Notion. Notion facilitates the creation of webpages, documents, and presentations within a singular workspace. With tools like Slides Builder for Notion, users can build presentations entirely within Notion, illustrating a move towards a more integrated digital workspace. The ability to publish Notion pages as websites or embed presentations into Notion pages is a testament to this hybridization​16​​17​​18​​19​​20​.

Furthermore, the integration of Pitch presentations within Notion workspaces exemplifies the ongoing convergence between web-based content and traditional presentation formats​18​.


The realm of digital presentations is undoubtedly evolving, driven by the infusion of AI and the melding of web and presentation platforms. While PowerPoint remains a robust choice for traditionalists, newcomers like Gamma and Pitch are carving a niche with their modern, web-centric approaches. The hybridization trend spearheaded by platforms like Notion is likely to continue, blurring the lines between presentations and web content, fostering a more interactive and integrated digital content creation landscape.

Want to see Gamma in action? Check out our presentation below:

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