We live in uncertain times and many of us face the challenge of finding new ways to generate income as social distancing forces fundamental changes to the nature of work.  Sheer Digital was founded under similar circumstances during the previous financial crisis. 100% remote for over 7 years, the company was born out of a need to straddle geography and to allow our team the freedom and flexibility to work as they choose.

Today we update our customer promise to reflect the changing needs of our SME, start-up and agency customers. Digital is now all-pervasive – but like water requires careful handling if it is to be used for maximal effect. Sheer is committed to guiding clients through these choppy waters with honest and authentic advice. We help businesses and consumers use digital’s life-enhancing properties to lead flexible, meaningful lives.

The evolving human themes of limited time, freedom, health & well-being underpin everything we do. Sheer simplicity means our designers create experiences which minimise time spent on otherwise laborious tasks. Our technical folk reduce complexity to build custom WordPress websites and transformative Shopify e-commerce.

From customising cuddle-tested toys, to delivering life-enhancing Matcha tea, to holding rogue landlords to account, we have been lucky to work with fantastic Clients who prioritise human health & happiness and choose us to ensure their digital experiences are delivered with the same sentiment.

As human beings our time is increasingly limited – it has never been more apparent that we need flexibility to do the things which are the most meaningful to us. Talk to us today on +44 (0) 20 7193 9819 to harness the power of digital to live life on your terms.


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