Sheer has added Elementor theme customisation, and the design and build of custom Elementor themes to it’s WordPress offering. If you’re looking for the lowest possible cost for a website, Elementor could be a good option.

You can select a theme and customise it yourself or we can do it for you. We are also able to customise the Elementor theme by creating custom widgets for you. For the best results our recommendation is to choose a pre-paid theme that aligns closely to the industry sector and aesthetic you are aiming for.

If you can’t find the design you are looking for we can design and build a 100% custom Elementor theme for you. Costs can be controlled by only creating the widgets you need, although we can build out every Elementor widget option if required.

As an alternative, Sheer also continues to offer Gutenberg CMS which is a more light weight option for WordPress. For example, Gutenberg themes are usually faster to load when testing with Google Page Speed Insights, thus offering more scope to improve search rank.


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