As you search through the plethora of web development agencies out there it can be a daunting process with many potential pitfalls along the way. We always advise prospective client’s as impartially as possible to maximise the possibility of a win:win. Sometimes this means we are not the best fit, which is usually related to the specifics of the technical requirements, available capacity or the need for a full service approach. For these scenarios we offer a micro-consulting service so you can pick our brains and benefit from an impartial, industry-wide perspective.

The service is well suited to those who need to learn fast or working on this type of project for the first time. For a set fee (£50 for a half hour consultation) we listen to what you are trying to achieve and discuss the pros and cons of different technologies and project management options, and we can also recommend other agencies.

You may have questions about WordPress, Shopify vs WooCommerce vs Magento,. You could be weighing up the options of off-the-shelf themes vs custom build, or looking at different plugin options. We can help you find the best approach to avoid rookie mistakes and ensure your budget goes as far as possible. Our micro-consulting service gives you the opportunity to receive recommendations with full impartiality.

The call is with David, our founder – consultant, product developer & GE Alumnus with 10 years experience in the tech industry. David has delivered 100+ web projects in a diverse range of industries including CPG, Financial Services, e-commerce/ Internet, Clean Tech and Property.

If you looking for honest, authentic advice without the hard-sell please use the form below to book a call:


At the end of the call you will receive a follow-up email with our recommendations and links to resources. Of course, an exploratory call to see if Sheer is a good fit for you is always free, so please do get in touch and discuss your requirements and we can advise if we can help in the first instance or if our micro-consulting service could be of benefit.

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