Our recent re-design of a customisation interface for Cubbies (a customised toy retailer) has delivered a 3x uplift in ecommerce sales conversions. The result proves that Sheer simplicity trumps convoluted functionality every time.

Like many businesses navigating the Covid-19 pandemic, Cubbies had experienced a dip in traffic. This was compounded by below benchmark sales conversion resulting from a user interface that was difficult to use. A casual look at the original UI would lead the untrained eye to assume it was good – it looked sophisticated with many customisation options giving the user lots of control.

However, some of these options were unnecessary – the complexity of the interface detracted from the core purpose of simple customisation. Sheer removed unnecessary functions such as the option to move and position customisation template elements.  A new user interface with a simplified focus on line-by-line text, font and colour customisation made the visitor experience quicker and more convenient.

The results of new interface are particularly noticeable on mobile devices where the majority of traffic was dropping off. The sales uplift was evident immediately after launch with conversions and revenues increasing by 300%. A result achieved despite a sustained dip in organic traffic versus 2019, no digital marketing and the back-drop of the Covid-19 crisis.

The increased conversion out-performs e-commerce industry benchmarks by almost 120% and proves the business owner’s instincts and our research were spot-on – the original customiser design really was a barrier to improved sales performance.

Google Analytics is trove of useful information about visitor behaviour such as where the drop offs occur. User interfaces, missing calls to action, overly crowded pages, messaging and poorly planned user journeys can all contribute to reduced sales and/ or enquiry conversion.

If you have had problems with conversion, then please get in touch for an exploratory chat with us.

We will help you identify the cause(s) and create a new experience which eliminates any unnecessary complexity to grow your business.

Where budgets will allow, we can refine designs with User Testing, and if traffic is sufficient we can employ techniques such as AB testing to get your conversions significantly above industry benchmarks.

Let us help you use Digital for life.


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